Phimosis (tight foreskin)

Phimosis (tight foreskin)

Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is tight and cannot be pulled back to expose the head of the penis.

It is normal for a baby to have a tight foreskin; most of the time the foreskin naturally separates from the head of the penis as the child grows up.

In some men,  the foreskin fails to separate from the head of the penis and remains tight. In other cases, a tight foreskin is the result of scarring from foreskin infection or injury.

A tight foreskin may not cause any problem, on the other hand it can cause discomfort and tearing of the skin, especially during erection or sexual intercourse.

The most effective treatment for phimosis is circumcision.

Rarely, a tight foreskin may become stuck behind the head of the penis, if the foreskin is forcefully pulled back. This is an emergency situation and requires immediate release of the tight foreskin, and a circumcision later on.


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