Urinary tract infection


Urinary tract infection is a common affliction that can happen to both men and women. It can range from a minor health problem to a life-threatening one.


Patients may feel unwell, feverish, and experience pain in the back (kidney area) or lower abdomen (bladder area). Some patients will experience pain along the urinary passage when passing urine.

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Urinary tract infection is treated with antibiotics. If the infection is mild, a 5 day course of oral antibiotics is sufficient treatment. If the infection is severe, hospitalisation and intravenous antibiotics may be necessary.

After the treatment has commenced, it is important to investigate if there is a problem with the urinary tract. An ultrasound or CT scan may be necessary, as well as flexible cystoscopy to check the bladder.

Possible causes of urinary tract infection include: urinary stones, blockage of the urinary tract, prostate enlargement, postmenopausal dryness, and rarely, tumours in the bladder.